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E-mail :

Visiting address : Ecole Normale Supérieure 

Room R14-2
24 rue Lhomond / 8 rue Erasme
75005 Paris

Fax : +33 1 44 32 27 27





Research interests

  • Deterministic dynamical systems - Infinite-dimensional dissipative dynamical systems. Small-scale parameterization in spatially extended systems. Surrogate systems for optimal control of dissipative PDEs. Topological equivalence of flows and diffeomorphisms. Averaging methods in ordinary differential equations.
  • Random dynamical systems - Markovian and non-Markovinan stochastic model reduction. Stochastic invariant manifolds and their approximations. Random attractors and time-dependent invariant measures arising in dissipative stochastic systems.
  • Population dynamics and mathematical ecology - Effect of environmental heterogeneity on population resilience to external perturbations.
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics and climate dynamics - Low-order stochastic modelling of the El Niño-Southern and the Madden-Julian Oscillations. Low-frequency variability in climate dynamics. Application of geometric and ergodic theory of dynamical systems to climate dynamics.




Research Monographs



Publications by topics

Infinite-dimensional evolution equations

Applications to climate dynamics and mathematical ecology

  • A.Bousquet, M.D. Chekroun, Y. Hong, R. Temam, and J. Tribbia (2015) : Numerical simulations of the humid atmosphere above a mountain, Mathematics of Climate and Weather Forecasting, accepted.

Dynamical systems

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